The “Tre Pali” of the Campo Ada – Chioggia

As sea monsters of Greek mythology the “Tre Pali”, named Ada 2, Ada 3 and Ada 4, emerge from the waters in the stretch of sea at the limit of 12 miles from the coast of Chioggia.

These are three metal single-platform of the Campo Ada owned by Eni S.p.A. having the following geographical coordinates (Datum WGS 84):

Ada 2 Lat. 45 ° 10 ’58.320” N Long. 012 ° 35 ’29.650” E;

Ada 3 Lat. 45 ° 10 ’57.400” N Long. 012 ° 35 ’29.200” E;

Ada 4 Lat. 45 ° 10 ’57.981” N Long. 012 ° 35 ’28.355” E.

Getting too close to these structures it’s a risk… because an Ordinance of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport of the Port of Chioggia prohibits anchoring, fishing and underwater activities within a radius of five hundred meters from them and obliges everyone the units to stay at a distance not less than one hundred meters.

Fair winds.

Maurizio Romio

Sailing in the south lagoon of Venice

Casone di Valle Zappa – Laguna Sud di Venezia, Campagna Lupia. (foto Maurizio Romio)

The Easter holidays of 2019 were for the family the opportunity to put in the water the rubber dinghy and immerse us in the South Lagoon of Venice. About 18 hours in three days of vacation took us, between canals, Sandbanks and “Casoni”, to visit the city of Chioggia, the littoral of Pellestrina and to sail between the fishing valleys of the South Lagoon until to reach the Casone Millecampi and the Casone Zappa.

Casone Millecampi–Laguna Sud di Venezia, Valle Millecampi, Codevigo. (foto Maurizio Romio)
Casone di Valle Zappa – Laguna Sud di Venezia, Campagna Lupia. (foto Maurizio Romio)

The Casoni of Pellestrina

The “Casoni” of Pellestrina are used by fishermen as a warehouse for nets and fishing gear

Chioggia – canale Vena

Dame Mede e Briccole

Dame Mede e Briccole by Maurizio Romio

Dame, Mede and Briccole … sweet and safe traveling companions during a navigation in the Venice lagoon

The Dame is generally made up of a group of poles, one of which is in the highest center and marks the mouth of the navigable canal, while Mede and Briccole, consisting respectively of a single pole or two or more poles, delimit the continuation of the canal. 
On the poles signals are applied which can be white, green or red. The white signal indicates the side of the channel, the green signal that you have to proceed in navigation keeping the pole on our right, the red signal that you have to navigate keeping the pole on the left. 
Fair winds.