The “Tre Pali” of the Campo Ada – Chioggia

As sea monsters of Greek mythology the “Tre Pali”, named Ada 2, Ada 3 and Ada 4, emerge from the waters in the stretch of sea at the limit of 12 miles from the coast of Chioggia.

These are three metal single-platform of the Campo Ada owned by Eni S.p.A. having the following geographical coordinates (Datum WGS 84):

Ada 2 Lat. 45 ° 10 ’58.320” N Long. 012 ° 35 ’29.650” E;

Ada 3 Lat. 45 ° 10 ’57.400” N Long. 012 ° 35 ’29.200” E;

Ada 4 Lat. 45 ° 10 ’57.981” N Long. 012 ° 35 ’28.355” E.

Getting too close to these structures it’s a risk… because an Ordinance of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport of the Port of Chioggia prohibits anchoring, fishing and underwater activities within a radius of five hundred meters from them and obliges everyone the units to stay at a distance not less than one hundred meters.

Fair winds.

Maurizio Romio

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